What is a clan boundary town?


Feel the skill and artistry of wood artisans
in this old townscape full of treasures

Located in the southwestern part of Fukuoka Prefecture
on Kyushu Island in southern Japan,
where the Chikugo River flows into the Ariake Sea, the town of Kobo-Enokizu is
in the south part of Ōkawa City,
famous for its "wooden furniture town.
In a small town just a 20-minute walk away,
there are approximately 170 townhouses, shrines, temples,
and woodworking factories
from 100 to 400 years old, still retaining their old-fashioned atmosphere.

It is said that the town was born from a market held in front of the Kobo Hachiman Shrine in the 16th century
and prospered as a key marine transportation center where ship carpenters and artisans lived.
Utilizing advanced woodworking techniques,
the town began to produce various wooden products,
including water mills,
fixtures, cupboards, boxes, kumiko lattices, and carvings.
From the 17th century onward, a waterway
formed a border between the two towns:
Kobo of the Yanagawa clan on the west side and the Enokizu of the Kurume clan on the east side.

Today, the NPO Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society is playing a central role
in the effort to preserve the old townscape.
Walking around the town, one can hear the sound of joiners processing wood
to restore cultural assets, temples, shrines, and houses that showcase the skills of the artisans.
Stores and restaurants using old private houses have also
opened over the years.
Guided tours allow you to talk with the people who live here and
enjoy the skills of the artisans still alive today.

Festivals of the Four Seasons


Clan Boundary Festival

Shops and Displays

This is a festival where goods are sold, and treasures handed down from generation to generation are displayed on the earthen floors of historical buildings.

Hiyoshi Shrine Reitai Festival

A Shintō boat-palanquin is opened to the public in conjunction with this grand festival.

A shipbuilder from Enokizu dedicated the boat palanquin to Hiyoshi Shrine in 1774. Fukuoka Prefecture designated it a Tangible Folk Cultural Property.

Tenmangū Shrine Grand Festival

There are seven Tenmangū shrines in each town in the Enokizu area. The local shrine parishioners organize various events at each shrine.

Kobo Hachimangū Grand Festival

In the precincts of the Kobo Hachimangū shrine, you can find a TenmangūShrine, Miyajitake Shrine, Gion Shrine, Awashima Shrine, Suitengū Shrine, and other shrines.

New Year's Eve Lantern Ceremony; End of Year Bell-Toll