The Efforts of Preservation Society

What is the Clan Boundary Town
Preservation Society?

We work to revitalize the Kobo-Enokizu area by promoting community development that maintains, preserves and utilizes historical buildings as the "treasures" of Ōkawa City.

About 170 historical buildings remain in the Kobo-Enokizu AREA, the birthplace of Ōkawa Woodworking. In April 2016, we established the NPO Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society to maintain and preserve these buildings.

The society conducts activities such as "town watchdog teams," which visit the owners of historical buildings one by one to ask about the current state of the buildings and any problems, such as leaks, and manage historical buildings as a "bank of historic buildings." We also interact with owners on a regular basis to smoothly respond to problems with historical buildings and clean and tidy vacant houses to pass them on to the next owners.
We also manage the Former Yoshihara Family Residence (a cultural asset owned by the city) and organize events such as exhibitions and concerts for the Ohina Festival and hands-on workshops such as making chopsticks.
We also manage the Clan Border Town PlazaRest Area, a parking and resting space for visitors to the area.

Our objectives are clearly stated
in the Declaration of
Town Development.

Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary
Town Development Declaration

This town is:

・A town of old houses and colorful traditions
・Aown with a rich history on the border of
 the Kurume and Yanagawa Clans
・A town where artisans's lives thrive and
 where woodworking originated.

In the Kobo-Enokizu area, the Townscape Environment Improvement Project was introduced in 2014 with the signing of the Clan Boundary Town Development Agreement. Through this project, residents who wish to repair traditional buildings or landscape ordinary houses and other structures to harmonize with the traditional townscape can receive subsidies from the national and municipal governments.
 If you are interested in taking advantage of the subsidy system, we invite you to consult in advance with the secretariat of the NPO Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society or the Ōkawa City Urban Planning Section, Urban Planning Team.

Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society Secretariat
523 Ōaza Enokizu, Ōkawa City
Telephone/Fax: 0944-87-0931

History of the Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary
Town Preservation Society

We became an NPO in 2016. However, our group have been active for over 20 years.

  • April 2000

    The 1st Higo Kaidō Inn Walk
    (now the Clan Boundary Festival)

    A committee of local volunteers started the Higo Kaidō Inn Walk. The festival featured a walk through the streets of Kobo and Enokizu and stalls set up under the eaves of old houses that displayed treasures that had been handed down from generation to generation. The committee also decided on annual events. The Clan Boundary Festival Executive Committee now organizes the festival under a new structure.

  • November 2009

    Establishing a Group to Think about the Clan Boundary Town

    The Higo Kaidō Inn Walk created momentum for preserving the townscape, and a voluntary organization was established with local residents, festival committee members, and government officials as its core members to consider the current state and future of the town. The aim was to pass on the townscape of Kobo and Enokizu to future generations. At the same time, the group adopted the Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Development Declaration, which describes the town's vision for the future. 

  • October 2011

    Formulation of the Clan Boundary Community Development Scheme

    The Clan Boundary Community Development Scheme was formulated to set the direction of future community development, an activity system was established to achieve the concept, and community development practices began.

  • October 2014

    Signing of the Clan Boundary Town Development Agreement

    The Clan Boundary Town Development Agreement was concluded with residents of 260 households in parts of Kobo and Enokizu districts, setting rules for townscape formation. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's townscape environment improvement project was successfully introduced.

  • April 2016

    Establishing the NPO Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society 

    To facilitate our activities as a community development organization and increase our contribution to society, we made a new start as a non-profit organization, the Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society.

  • Other Activities

    ・Regular Meetings
    (held on the fourth Wednesday of each month)
    The meeting is open to all members and mainly consists of study sessions, workshops on building utilization, and reports on each group's activities.
    ・Management Meeting
    (held on the third Wednesday of each month)
    The group leaders, city hall departments in charge, and the secretariat participate in the meeting to discuss the group's activities and future management.
    ・Study Visits to Developed Areas; Study Sessions
    Each year, the group takes study tours to construction and other areas.