Former ryōtei restaurant receives a new breath of life! Sakana to Sakana Tsujisuma Restaurant: a story of success from the efforts to preserve the historical townscape

At the NPO Kobo-Enokizu Clan Boundary Town Preservation Society, we manage structures in the area as a “bank of historic buildings.” This means we maintain strong communication with the owners of vacant houses and help find new owners to pass these historical buildings on to. Our organization also cleans and tidies vacant houses and works hard to maintain them.


The former Japanese restaurant known as Uorin was one of those buildings.





This ryōtei restaurant started construction in the late Edo period and was finished in the Meiji period. The restaurant was the face of Ōkawa City. Many citizens loved it as an event venue for weddings and various societies’ meetings throughout the Meijin, Taishō, Shōwa and Heisei periods.


The building had been vacant since the business shut down; however, in response to the owner’s wish to preserve this historic and valuable building for future generations, our society began maintaining the building from April 2022 after receiving a donation. The second floor has an area of 70 tatami mats, and members of our society regularly conducted major cleanups.


In the summer of 2023, we received an offer to rent the building to open a Japanese restaurant. We cleaned up the building, removed all the original vessels and other items, and began renovations. In December 2023, “Uorin” was reborn as “Sakana to Sakana Tsujishima”.


At the new restaurant, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine that focuses on seafood from the Ariake Sea and the whole Kyushu area, as well as fresh local vegetables. Lunch is available from around 1,500 yen, including rice bowls topped with fresh sashimisashimi set meals, and grilled fish meals. You can enjoy the chef’s skilful use of these delicious ingredients at reasonable prices. The restaurant is always full of customers, so be prepared to wait.

In the evening, you can choose from a set meal, a course meal, or a banquet. You can also add an all-you-can-drink option. This delicious food, which lets you experience the four seasons with all your senses, goes well paired with delicious saké.


Be sure to stop by when you visit the Clan Boundary Town.


Sakana to Sakana Tsujisuma